MBWiz – A gamified education platform

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MBWiz – A gamified education platform

MBWiz is platform that allows employees of Mercedes-Benz from NAFTA region (Mexico, USA, Canada), Germany and China making education fun with gamification and challenges against friends and colleagues.

Technology Stack



  • Client: Mercedes-Benz
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: United States


Product Vision

We were hired to help Mercedes-Benz USA come up with a gamified solution to share knowledge and information within the company. They provided us with documentation, requirements and designs. From there, we came up with software architecture, and developed the front-end and backend. We also worked on some design aspects. We created the interactive game to enable employees to challenge each other, learn insights, gain points and win awards.



The app was built using React Native, so it could easily be brought to another platform, React for the Webadmin, PostgreSQL as DBMS and Node.js/Express.js for the backend. It is currently only available in iOS, as all MBUSA employees have iPhones and it is an internal app.


The app is live in the US and Mexico markets, and is beginning to roll out to the European markets.


They’re a flexible and knowledgeable software development team. They’re skilled at developing in various languages. The development process has been great.

Florian Rettenmeier