How We Work

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How We Work

We work as an Agile Enterprise, delivering secure and functional software every iteration, providing transparency on the workflow, working hand by hand with our clients, building long term relationships with them as technological partners.

1-Introduction to BMC/Agile/Scrum/MVP

At this meeting the diagram is explained with the work model and culture we follow in Ulfix and the reason why we work this way and the importance of collaboration between them.



2-General requirements session

At this work meeting we make a workshop for sensitize the importance of obtaining the general requirements without losing the necessity objective we desire to solve.

3-MVP session

We perform together the Minimum Valuable Product to release a first functional version of the project hurrying the ROI and bringing forward the Time to Market.


4-Inception/Kick off

We start the project were we define the needs of the infrastructure for the deploy.


We manage to automate and monitor each process of the software building with DevOps. With this tool, the development cycles are shortened, the frequency of implementation is higher and more reliable releases.


6-MVP/Project ends/End phase

At the end of the development and deployment we finish the stage/MVP/phase and we start the new cycle for the next stage until we finish, together, the project.

Using cutting-edge technologies

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